Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How To Get Adsense Account By Using Third Party Sites

In my  last post i will tell you How To get Adsense Account Approval Easily but most of the peoples are unable to buy top level domains and with sub-domain there is no chance of approval. So i get the trick to get easily approval By Google.

There are many sites which make deal with Google Adsense. Some of the sites are

1: Docstoc
2: Indyarocks
3: Youtube
4: Bukisa

I recommend youtube because youtube is the easiest way to get Google Adsense account approval. By this method you can get your account 100% approval in 24-48 hrs. So, follow my steps:-

1: Go and create a Youtube account (Create with gmail ID).

2. Upload 2-3 videos on your account, Upload some basic videos. (better to upload trending videos for getting more views).

3. Increase your videos views by sharing on other social networks like twitter, facebook etc.

4. Now when your youtube account reaches 100+ views total from all videos. you just click on settings than click on monetization and enable monetization and you will get an mail or message for monetize your videos. ( you can also apply manually if you did’nt get any mail).

5. Now after applying to adsense for a account you will get a mail in next 24hrs that, Your account is now enabled for monetization.

6: Youtube share your income. You need to disable third party access after getting approved by Google Adsense under settings tab in Adsense. You can use Adsense on blogger to show ads on your blog  just submit publisher id and phone number and pin under earning tab. After this you can able to show ads on you blog.

I hope you like my trick.  

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