Sunday, 7 April 2013

How To Add Privacy Policy In Blogger

Now a days without having page of Privacy Policy Google Adsense disapproved application because it is in Google Terms & Conditions. So, it is necessary to add Privacy Policy page in your blogger.

If you don't have a privacy policy for your blog, go to here to generate one for your blog by just entering your domain name and email address.

Once you have copied your generated privacy policy into a notepad, go ahead to create a new post, with the title "Privacy Policy". Paste the privacy policy generated into it and publish  it.

View the post in your browser, copy the url of the post and shorten the url using any url shortening service. I use Copy the shortened url into a notepad.

Edit the code below with your shortened url:

<a href="SHORTENED URL">Privacy Policy</a> |

Once edited, log in to your Blogger dashboard, go to "Layout" and scroll down to the "Attribution" widget.

Click "edit" and paste the edited code above inside the box.

Click "Save".

View your blog and you should see the privacy policy link beside  the Blogger attribution.

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