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Best Top 10 Professional And SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2013

 Here is the best blogger templates of 2013. These template are made by different authors, They all are professional template maker and a professional blogger we thank them for making these awesome templates.

1:  Blogism Blogger template

Benefits of this template:

    *Social Sharing Buttons With Counter
    *Auto Read More Button
    *Ads Ready
    *Author Avatar with Each Article
    *Wordpress Type
    *Magazine Style
    *Threaded commenting system

     Demo    Download

 2: My Blogger Tricks Blogger Template V 2.0

 Benefits of this template:

    *Automatic Read More
    *Seo optimized
    *Ads Ready
    *Technology Style
    *Author box
    *Responsive Template

   Demo    Download

 3: Top Blogging Idea Blogger Template 

 Benefits of this template:

    *Highly Fast loading
    *Elegant look
    *Responsive design
    *Professional look
    *No Auto readmore widget
    *Beautiful Background
    *Customised Headings
    *Colourful menus
    *Left sidebar
    *Easy Edting
    *Stunning comment section
    *Inbuilt Social widgets
    *And much more

Demo    Download

4:  Lord HTML Blogger Template

 Benefits of this template:

    *Nice and Simple Design
    *Responsive theme
    *SEO Optimized
    *No Footer Widgets
    *Navigation Menus
    *Search bar
    *Custom About me widget
    *Page navigation Widget
    *Stunning Threaded Comments Section
    *Default Jump Breaks for Post excerpts
    *Custom Email subscription widget
    *Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
    *HTML Code view
    *Adsense optimised.

Demo    Download

5:  Stylify Your Blog Blogger Template

 Benefits of this template:

    *Search Engine Optimized
    *Lightening fast Page Load Time (98% in Google Page Speed)
    *Exclusive Threaded Comment Design
    *CSS3 powered Tilted Header
    *Supports All Major browsers
    *Uses CSS Sprites for less HTML Requests
    *Auto Read More Hack
    *Pagination option
    *Automatic Related Posts under each Post
    *CSS3 powered ReadMore Button and Labels
    *Electrolize Web Font
    *Attractive Share Buttons and Subscribe options
    *Author Bio Box
    *Ribbon styled Labels on Post Pages
    *Print Friendly
    *Captivating Post Title design
    *Near W3C Valid
    *Four Column Footer
    *Widget Ready Sidebar with Stacked effect
    *Simple Menu and Social Media Buttons
    *Automatic Meta Descriptions
    *Stacked Paper feel to Post Body
    *Appealing Custom 404 Design
    *Simple Search Box

Demo    Download 

6:  Helper Blogger Blogger Template

Benefits of this template:

    *Wordpress like
    *Round corners
    *Superb sub menu
    *Adsense optimised
    *Fast loading
    *Simple and Elegant
    *Magazine type
    *Featured Section
    *Right Sidebar
    *Tabbed widget
    *3 Column footer
    *Custom fonts

Demo    Download

7:  Blogger Tricks Blogger Template

 Benefits of this template:

    *Super SEO
    *White clean
    *Related post widget
    *Subscribe widget in all post
    *3 footer widget
    *Left sidebar
    *Adsense enabled 
    *90 in page speed
    *Best for all sites

Demo    Download

8: My blogger tricks Blogger template V 1.0

Benefits of this template:

    *Fully SEO optimised
    *Auto read more for webmasters
    *Related post widget
    *Mouse over effect blockquote
    *Best template for ads
    *3 Column Footer
    *3 Columns
    *Full image for header

Demo    Download 

9:  MPL PRO Blogger Template 

 Benefits of this template:

   *Fast Loading
    *Seo Optimized
    *Automatic Read More After Every Post
    *Stuning Spicupyourblog Threaded Comments Section
    *Adsense Optimized
    *Search Engines Friendly
    *Every Post In Separate Boxes With CSS Hover effect
    *Large Post Thumbnails
    *Social Sharing Widget Below every post
    *Related Post With Hover Effect Below Every Post
    *Image Background in Sidebar Header
    *Stylish Block Quote Boxes with Hover effect
    *Stylish Navigation Menu

Demo    Download 

10: Blogger Template 

 Benefits of this template:

    *Seo optimized
    *Fast Loading
    *Customized Search Bar
    *Adsense optimized
    *Simple Design

Demo    Download 

Here is my collection of best blogger templaes. I hope you like them

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How to get a www URL for custom domain to work on Blogger

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If you buy your custom domain name (www URL) from follow the steps below to create a CNAME record for your custom domain.

1.Login to your GoDaddy Account.

2.Open the Domains tab and select My Domain Names. You'll be directed to the Domain Manager page.

3.Click the domain that you'd like to use with your blog.If you have one domain name click on it.

4.Click the Total DNS Control And MX Records link at the bottom of the section entitled Total DNS.

5.Click "Add New CNAME Record" in the box labelled CNAMES (aliases). If you've already created a CNAME record for your blog's address, click the pencil icon next to the existing CNAME record.

6.For the Alias Name, enter only the subdomain of the address you want to use for your blog. For example, if you picked as your address, enter "www" here.

7.For the Host Name, Enter "" as the . Specify a TTL or use the default setting of 1 hour.
Click OK, and then click OK again.

 8.It'll take a few hours, maybe a day or so, for this to "take". So give it a day or so,then check that "" really does point to To do this go to

In the box enter "" (obviously changing it to your own real domain name, with the www), click Check Domain, wait a bit, and the results should say that your www points to

If your "" really does point to ,Now go to below steps.

9.Login to your blogger dashboard--> settings- ->Publishing

10.Now Click on " Custom Domain".

11.Now Click on " Switch to advanced settings".

12.Now you must enter your domain name as the picture below.

Note : you should enter the "www" part also when you give Blogger your domain name, and Save your settings. Now you are done.Test the "www" address in your browser and hopefully it should now go to your blog and show your new domain name.

How To Setup Domain for Blogger

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Today i'am going to tell you how to setup domain for blogger. Follow my steps:- 

1.First go to or check your domain name here.

2.Then regiter a domain name that you want to use.

Note:If it's no available, you have to find another domain name. But if it's available then you can register it.

3. Now you have to setup your domain.So sign in to your account.

4.Go to "setup"

5.Go to "Manage domain"

5.Choose "Zone Records"

6. In the coloumn "Host" fill it with your domain name (

7. Choose "CNAME" for "Type"

8. In the "Value" box fill it with ""

9. Then click "Setup" Button.

Now you have to some setup in your blogger account.

10.Now Login to your Bloggr dashboard.

11.Go to Setting-->Publishing.

12. Then choose "Switch to: • Custom Domain"

13. Then click on "Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings"

14. Fill it with your new domain in the "Your Domain" box.

15. To Finish click "Save Setting" Button.

Now you are done.It will take 1-48 hours for your new domain to work.

How To Create/Setup Sub-Domain in GoDaddy

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Today I am going to explain to how create/setup a sub domain with GoDaddy.If you registered your domain with GoDaddy and want create sub-domains from your custom domain,then this article will guide you for it.There is not hard thing to do.

For easy explanation if we think your domain is "" and you want to make a subdomain as "".

1.First login to your GoDaddy Account.

2.Now click on the "Advanced details" link of the domain you want to configure.

 3.Now click on "Total DNS Control" from Total DNS section.

4.You can see a screen look like below:


 5. Under "CNAMES (Aliases)" section, click on "Add New CNAME Record".

6. In next window Enter the below detail for your sub-domain.

Alias Name : blog (Instead of "blog",enter your sub-domain here)

Host Name :

7. Now click OK.

You are done.Now you can add your new sub domain to a another site/blogger blog.



How To Host JavaScript Files on Google Code+Unlimited Bandwidth

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Do you want to host your external java script files in unlimited bandwidth?If you host your files in google code you can do it for free .It helps your page load faster than other free webhosting services.

1.First login to your google account and go to Google Code Hosting.

You can see screen look like this.

2.Click on "Create a new project".Next screen will look like this:

3.Fill above form with your information and click on "Create project".Next screen will look like this:

4.Click on "Downloads" tab.Now click on "New download" tab.

5.Fill up the needed information. Browse for your JavaScript(.js) file and attach it. Now click on "Submit file".

6.Now your java script file will upload to google.After that you can see the screen like this:

7.Now your java script file will upload to google.After that you can see the screen like this:

8.If you want to get direct link of your java script file,click on file name and select "Copy link address".

9.Now you can use it as external java script file.Look at the example below:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/> 



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How To Get Professional Free Web Hosting Package

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If you wish to have a professional shared hosting quality in a free hosting package, come and host with and experience the best service you can get absolutely free.
They offer completely ad-free cPanel web hosting. No ads will ever be forced onto their users webpages. There are no catches, no setup fees, no forced advertising, no banners, no popups and no hidden charges. Only totally free hosting service.

Founded in December 2006, has a trusted free hosting members base of over 60,000 members and still counting! Offering professional quality hosting, support, uptime and reliability, They have a great community of webmasters, you'd love to be a part of!

Register now and get it all free:

*** 1500 MB of disk space
*** 100 GB of data transfer
*** PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
*** cPanel control panel
*** Easy to use website builder
*** Absolutely no advertising!
*** Host your own domain (
*** cPanel Powered Hosting (you will love it)
*** Over 500 website templates ready to download
*** Free POP3 Email Box with Webmail access
*** FTP and Web based File Manager
*** PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby
*** And many more...

Why Should Choose Bluehost as your Web Hosting Provider

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Bluehost is truly a specialized and well known web hosting company. They offers professional Web Hosting plans at the best possible price since 1996.

Why recommend Bluehost web hosting?

1) Top notch customer service
In-house experts are available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat to help you anytime you need! With the team based entirely out of Bluehost’s U.S. headquarters, only real-life, human help is ever offered. And hold times average less than 30 seconds to offer the best help fast.

2) Amazing for WordPress
Not only is Bluehost the #1 recommended host on WordPress, but are systems are optimized to run WordPress, making it easy to use and install. The support team is constantly trained to help customers with their WordPress websites. It’s never been easier to create a beautiful and sleek website or blog thanks to WordPress on Bluehost.

Bluehost Web Hosting Features

Want to Know More about Bluehost? Bluehost Features

3) Simple Scripts
SimpleScripts is Bluehost’s 1-click installation and upgrade utility. It supports over 70 of the web's most popular applications including blogs and websites (like WordPress), photo galleries, online stores, forums, wikis, and much more! SimpleScripts built right in your Bluehost control panel making it easy to find and use.

4) Fully featured, unlimited accounts
Bluehost provides dozens of tools and features for you to build a successful website or blog. The best part is that all these tools come free with your hosting account! With a Bluehost account, you get unlimited hosted websites and domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, 24/7 professional on-site monitoring, advanced CPUD resource protection, and much more!

5) Video tutorials
Can’t figure something out? Want to learn more SEO and how it can help more people find your blog? Ever wonder how a website works? Bluehost has created a library of click-by-click tutorials and educational videos to answer most frequently asked questions!

6) Zero gimmicks
Bluehost accounts are non-contractual and there are no hidden fees! They offer 30-day back guarantees and prorated refunds available at any time.

7) Technology
Bluehost technology is the best in the industry. With its own in-house data center, Bluehost controls every aspect of their technology. Hardware is created from scratch to fashion the fastest servers possible. Professional administrators monitor and upgrade the data center 24/7. A robust team of developers, ensure Bluehost accounts benefit from the very latest technology.

Who should not use Bluehost?

Extremely High Traffic Websites

Bluehost does not yet offer dedicated server. If your website gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a month you should consider web host that offered dedicated servers. Bluehost offers affordable shared hosting with features that cost way more than what you pay. Bluehost was able to offer a low price because of the company’s large customer base.



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